Globe EuTrippin Demo at OWP – Oxford

Globe EuTrippin Demo at OWP – Oxford


On Sunday 5th July, the Globe team blessed Oxfords OWP Skatepark with grace, gnar and just straight up amazing skateboarding. The likes of David Gonzales, Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Louie Barletta, Paul Hart, Ryan Decenzo and even the legendary Rodney Mullen were present that day, bringing the vibes with their intense shredding.

Things kickstarted almost instantly with David Gonzales, Ryan Decenzo and Paul Hart going straight in with practically no warmup. We saw wallrides, huge frontside 360’s, noseblunts with not much more than a few ollies, 50-50’s and kickflips in preparation.

The Globe team skated every inch of the park, showcasing their abilities for all that attended and made the ones who missed it regret not coming.  They are a team of true skateboarders that can skate almost anything placed in front of them. It was one of the raddest demos I have been to and I hope that they skate to their best ability for the rest of the tour.

(Sorry for the lack of images and footage, it was too good to keep our phones constantly out)

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