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Polar Summer 15 Decks

NOW IN: Polar Skate Co. Summer 2015 Drop 2

The new Polar Skate Co. goods are in! We are extremely excited to finally be stocking Polar apparel alongside some of the new hardware as they are one of our favourite skateboarding companies.

We also managed to get our hands on a few of the new decks from the collection and they are definitely some of the most beautiful decks Polar have made. Polar decks have some of the best shapes out there and are definitely built to last. We’ve skated plenty of them and have nothing bad to say. We have limited stock of both the apparel and decks and its likely that once they’re gone, they’re gone. Polar are on absolute fire recently with their designs and we can safely say that we support them 100%.

The decks we stock (from left to right in the image below) are:

Polar Summer 15 Decks

Polar Summer 15 Decks

As you can expect, the apparel is of equally outstanding quality. Below are a few photos of the new goods. If you get a chance, come down at see them in real life as photos truly do not give them justice.

Polar No Comply Pike Polo

Polar No Comply Pike Polo

Polar Cut Out BS Nosepick Tee

Polar Cut Out BS Nosepick Tee & no-comply 6 panel

The no comply 6-panel hats especially are a surprise as they are so soft and comfortable straight out the box. Ditch the ralphy and go for that embroidered no comply logo. They come in a great range of colours so you can definitely get those summer vibes goes. We also stock the stash pocket hat & the trucker snapback.

No Comply Caps

No Comply Caps

Stash Pocket Caps

Stash Pocket Caps

There’s also a restock of the ever popular happy sad socks in black and white, as well as two new colour ways – the green/white and the grey/black. These make the perfect skate socks as they have some ridiculous technology going into them and are super comfy.

Happy Sad Socks

Happy Sad Socks

Come in store and check out the range we have or have a look online @ Aylesbury Skateboards.


The long awaited skatepark is finally open! After a rainy Wednesday morning, we heard news of the park finally being cleaned up and opened to the public. We left the skate shop early and went down there to have a push about and throw down a few tricks on its opening day.

Everything is just straight up enjoyable. Everywhere you looked the skateboarders, rollerbladers and bmxers alike were loving it. The curve ledge was a winner, as were the stairs but the tombstone to manny pad seemed to be a favourite for most. None of us here at Aylesbury Skateboards or any of the locals had skated a pad like it so it was very refreshing and we believe it is going to be enjoyed by everyone that bothers to travel to our rad new local (and the rest of the park of course!).

You can tell it pushed people to skate hard and to their full potential as the new park managed to claim 3 boards in the space of a few hours which we thought was somewhat impressive.

Here is a mini edit from the opening day, hopefully many more videos of the new park and maybe some Aylesbury street footage to come:

And here is a small gallery of images of the park. Credit goes to Bendcrete Skateparks for building the park and taking these great pictures (minus two of them). Photos were taken from their Facebook page.

Staff picks - Kurt - All the components

Staff Picks: New setup for the new park.

As the new park is opening this week, I decided it was time to build a fresh setup to shred there. I went for:


Had to go for the We Out Here deck from the Rip N Dip Summer Collection as that alien face is too great. Also had to make sure I had the cut out on the grip to let the smaller alien face shine through. The Krux Meeowzers were also a necessity because cats – who could possibly not want that. Decided to try something new with the Gold wheels. At the moment I’m skating Enjoi wheels, but these looked interesting. I like the fact that they’re clear so you can see the orange from the bearings through the wheels. As for bearings I went for Bronson Speed Co. as I really wanted to try them. The marketing looked great and really worked on me. After I test them out i’ll write a review giving my verdict on them.

Here’s a few pictures of the setup. I got carried away taking pictures as I’m a bit in love with it.

Make sure you’re prepared for the new park in Vale! Be sure to get stop by and get stocked up at Aylesbury Skateboards.

As a side note, Our new shop stickers should be arriving tomorrow (9/7/15) so be on the lookout.

Vale Skatepark Progress Update

So this is the weekend we were told the park would be finished and by the looks of it, it pretty much is! While many of us are gutted we aren’t able to skate it yet, it’s still great to see in its (almost) final form. From the rumours we’ve heard, all that is left to do is a few finishing touches and some tidying while the concrete cures, then it needs to be checked off and approved by the Council, THEN it will be open to the public. We are hoping everything will be sorted by next weekend but as you’re probably aware, the Council are not known for getting things done quickly, just think how long it actually took to get them to even build the new skatepark in the first place.

A couple of the locals were staring longingly through the fence, and the builders were nice enough to let them go in and have a look around. Credit goes to Ryan King for the two exclusive pictures below.

Aylesbury Skateboards now has Free Skateboard Mag

Free Skateboard Mag!

Got hooked up with a bunch of copies of @freeskatemag, come down and pick one up! We’ll also be sending them out with online orders too 📕📕 from Instagram:

We got our hands on the first edition of Europe’s latest free skateboarding magazine, Free Skateboard Mag! It has tons of great exclusive articles and as its free you really can’t go wrong.

Come down and pick one up in store if you can. Otherwise we’ll be sending them out with all online orders from Aylesbury Skateboards while we still have copies.
Aylesbury Vale Skatepark Manny Pad

Vale skatepark – Manny pad

from Instagram:

The pad is looking rad! Over the other side is a large tombstone too. Heaps of fun awaits us 😎 Fingers crossed for it to be built by Sunday and then after the concrete sets and checks have been made, it will be open for all! So nearly there after all this time and the locals are beyond hyped for it 👊 #skateboarding

Project: Session Teaser

With the possibility of Skate 4 out the window, Project: Session looks like it could be the next best thing. At the moment the game is still just an idea, but there should be a Kickstarter starting later this year to try to get it off the ground. We are really excited by this (even if it is just a teaser) as next-gen consoles desperately need a new skate game.

In the mean time we can settle for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 which is set to come out on September 29th this year. They’ve gone for the same old button-mashing ridiculousness for that nostalgic feeling but it will just never compare to what the Skate series was like.

Complete Skateboards Guide

Complete skateboards are ready to ride, pre-build skateboards which are perfect for beginners who want to start skating as soon as possible. When it comes to completes there is an endless selection, but it can always be tough decided which ones are actually good enough quality and worth buying.

You’re probably familiar with those £10 skateboards you might see at Tesco but those contraptions don’t even deserve to call themselves skateboards. They are made with very low quality wood, plastic trucks and even worse plastic wheels. From the view point of a skater, these are a complete waste of money. You should view a skateboard as an investment; you get what you pay for. As a general rule of thumb, the more you spend, the better quality skateboard you’ll receive (as you should expect).

At Aylesbury Skateboards we are always happy to encourage young people to start skating, especially if it means they’re not riding a scooter. We made sure to find the best possible beginner completes for the money to stock so you know they will hold up a hell of a lot better than many other completes out there.


Rocket Skateboards make the best price point complete skateboards. They retail at around £35 and are significantly better than many others at the same price point. These skateboards are perfect for younger beginners (aged 4-10) who want to try out skating for the first time. It should give them a good taste of what skating is like with a decent quality setup. They come with a range of great board graphics to choose from which all come with matching wheels. Bearings are often abec 5s but some come with abec 7s. The great thing about these boards is that they use all standard skateboard components so that they can be upgraded when needed.

Rocket Complete Skateboard Tiki Fire

Rocket Tiki Fire Complete – 7.5″

You can view Aylesbury Skateboards range of Rocket Completes here.

We also offer a selection of mid-to-upper-range completes for older or more advanced skaters. These are ideal for anyone who wants the quality of a professional level skateboard but not the hassle of selecting individual components and putting together a setup. They come pre-built and ready to skate straight out of the box with all-round higher quality materials. For example, at the moment we stock a few Cliché, Almost, Flip and Santa Cruz completes to name a few. These are all huge brandnames offering higher price point setups for the more discerning skater. These completes range from around £55-£85 depending on brand and size.

Cliché Complete Skateboard - 7.5"

Cliché Complete Skateboard – 7.5″

We have also started to create our own custom completes which are available in store or online. We offer the option to pick any deck from our range, and add a complete undercarriage kit to make it a whole board. We’ll even throw in some free Jessup grip, some bolts and assemble it in store to get you skating straight away. The undercarriage kit is £40 and the decks usually range from £40 – £55 meaning you can throw together a custom complete setup with the deck of your choice for as little as £80.

You can view a full range of completes on Aylesbury Skateboards, or come in store and pick one out in person.


Mother Collective

Mother Collective is a new board brand straight out of Ohio recently created by Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe, and Gilbert Crockett. We have been lucky enough to get a few of the boards from their spring/summer 1.3 drop in stock and they are looking rad. Sizes range from 8.0″ up to 8.5″.

Mother boards use PS Stix wood for all of their boards and not just the Pro models, meaning you’re getting quality you can trust with any deck you pick up from them. All of the boards have “Hand Crafted by PS Stix. Made In Mexico.” printed on the top just to make things more legit.

The shop favourite has got to be the Jake Johnson Catherine (one) in red. The deep red of the bottom ply stands out so much on our shop wall. All of the decks come with a Mother logo sticker so that’s pretty great too.

You can check out our range of Mother Collective boards on our store website Aylesbury Skateboards. All decks retail at £54.99.