Aylesbury Skateboards now has Free Skateboard Mag

Free Skateboard Mag!

Got hooked up with a bunch of copies of @freeskatemag, come down and pick one up! We’ll also be sending them out with online orders too 📕📕 from Instagram:

We got our hands on the first edition of Europe’s latest free skateboarding magazine, Free Skateboard Mag! It has tons of great exclusive articles and as its free you really can’t go wrong.

Come down and pick one up in store if you can. Otherwise we’ll be sending them out with all online orders from Aylesbury Skateboards while we still have copies.
Aylesbury Vale Skatepark Manny Pad

Vale skatepark – Manny pad

from Instagram:

The pad is looking rad! Over the other side is a large tombstone too. Heaps of fun awaits us 😎 Fingers crossed for it to be built by Sunday and then after the concrete sets and checks have been made, it will be open for all! So nearly there after all this time and the locals are beyond hyped for it 👊 #skateboarding