Shark wheels setup

Shark Wheels Skatepark Review

View our range of Shark Wheels at Aylesbury Skateboards. Available in 60mm or 70mm online and in store.


At Aylesbury Skateboards we are always open to trying different skateboarding setups, this time it came in the form of some new wheels from Shark Wheels. These are not you’re typical wheel they have the perception that they are cuboid shaped because of the rad and very different design, but are just as and if not smoother then any other long-board or cruiser wheel. Carrying on from the design side of things, these incredible wheels have curved grooves to push stones and such through them, this gives you an advantage if you live in a rocky or rough area to get your shred on. This also means that riding or landing into grass has become a lot easier as I found out. Whilst riding these unique wheels I found that the grip is in no way effected by the shape and the grooves, it still has a amazing amount of grip for taking you round corners and winding in and out of obstacles that may obstruct your path.

FullSizeRender (1)

With the great grip comes the speed side of things, the wheels come in 60mm and 70mm which means that of course you are going to gather speed but I did not expect the speed that I got from them. Bombing down a massive hill on my way into work was when I realised that these where something special and worth a look at. I paired the Shark wheels with an old Mother Collective 8.5″ skateboard deck. A pair of 151 Thunder Hollow Lights and some Bones Reds bearings which was an excellent match. Even though these wheels are meant for cruising we managed to get a few tricks together and made a little edit in order to show just what they are capable of.  Wheels are £69.99 UK retail price.

VERDICT: Overall I believe these wheels have worked their magic on me and made me fall in love, they are a real head turner and deserve a serious look.

Shark Wheels Yellow 70 MM

Yellow sidewinder 70 mm wheels


The National Skateboard Co. x Colin Kennedy Guest Pro

Today, The National Skateboard Co. released a very special guest board honouring Scottish skate legend, Colin Kennedy.
The board features a 2015 reworking of Colin’s iconic 1996 Panic graphic, and has been carefully pieced together with approval from both Colin and the board’s original designer Colin ‘Cubic’ McInnes. The board comes in 3 sizes, 8″, 8.125″ and 8.25″. There is also a rework of the National logo, matching the colours of the board.
This is an extremely limited release, so limited that there wasn’t even enough to fulfil everyones pre-orders. We have managed to get ahold of very limited stock so don’t miss out on a chance to grab one.
Alongside the boards and shirts, The National Skateboard Co. have worked with Dan Magee to produce an all new section of predominantly unseen Colin footage, filmed during 1997/1998 whilst Blueprint were working on their infamous ‘Build and Destroy’ promo. This section was released today and can be watched above.
Along side these, we also grabbed a couple of new boards from National’s summer selection re-release in a new colour way, great to tide you over until the Fall drop. They are great boards, skate well, excellent graphics and only £45. What’s not to love?
The boards are available online and in store.
The National Skateboard Co. Colin Kennedy Guest Pro deck

The National Skateboard Co. Colin Kennedy Guest Pro deck

The National Skateboard Co. Colin Kennedy Guest Pro

Vale Skatepark Tombstone Session

Here are a few clips from a little session that went down yesterday at Vale Skatepark. The clips feature Ryan King, Tom Guest and Max Allen throwing some madness up and down the tombstone. Be sure to check out their Insta accounts to see more clips and things.

Credit goes to Ryan for putting together into this nifty little edit.


The long awaited skatepark is finally open! After a rainy Wednesday morning, we heard news of the park finally being cleaned up and opened to the public. We left the skate shop early and went down there to have a push about and throw down a few tricks on its opening day.

Everything is just straight up enjoyable. Everywhere you looked the skateboarders, rollerbladers and bmxers alike were loving it. The curve ledge was a winner, as were the stairs but the tombstone to manny pad seemed to be a favourite for most. None of us here at Aylesbury Skateboards or any of the locals had skated a pad like it so it was very refreshing and we believe it is going to be enjoyed by everyone that bothers to travel to our rad new local (and the rest of the park of course!).

You can tell it pushed people to skate hard and to their full potential as the new park managed to claim 3 boards in the space of a few hours which we thought was somewhat impressive.

Here is a mini edit from the opening day, hopefully many more videos of the new park and maybe some Aylesbury street footage to come:

And here is a small gallery of images of the park. Credit goes to Bendcrete Skateparks for building the park and taking these great pictures (minus two of them). Photos were taken from their Facebook page.

Project: Session Teaser

With the possibility of Skate 4 out the window, Project: Session looks like it could be the next best thing. At the moment the game is still just an idea, but there should be a Kickstarter starting later this year to try to get it off the ground. We are really excited by this (even if it is just a teaser) as next-gen consoles desperately need a new skate game.

In the mean time we can settle for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 which is set to come out on September 29th this year. They’ve gone for the same old button-mashing ridiculousness for that nostalgic feeling but it will just never compare to what the Skate series was like.

Now Stocking Traffic Skateboards Apparel

Traffic is owned and run by pro skater Ricky Oyola and fimer/owner of Theories of Atlantis, Josh Stewart.  Traffic is regarded as one of the rawest companies from the East Coast and has put out some amazing videos (See Above for proof).

We are proud to announce that Aylesbury Skateboards are stocking some of the Summer 2015 Apparel Collection in our store and we can confirm that the quality is top of the top. Perfect fabric and perfect prints. These are a must for the true street skaters.

Find everything you need here.

SICKNESS – Thrasher x Supreme Video

There is a reason this video has this particular title. The young blood from Supreme bring you some madness from San Francisco in this video collaboration with Thrasher shot by frequent Supreme collaborator and filmmaker William Strobeck. Featuring Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, Aidan Mackey, Sage Elsesser, Ben Kadow, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen and Bill Strobeck.

Aylesbury Skateboards has a nice range of Thrasher garms so you can show your support.