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Rip N Dip Nermal Nug Cruiser Grip

RIP N DIP Nermal Nug Cruiser

In Rip N Dip’s latest drop there was the most beautiful cruiser deck we’ve ever seen shaped like Nermal hugging a nug. We couldn’t resist turning it into a complete cruiser just to see what it would look like. Heres what we used:


Unfortunately the graphic got slightly damaged in transit but that doesn’t make the board any less amazing. We’ve combined it with some of the best cruiser wheels and bearings to make up for that. This thing looks like some serious fun and we envy anyone who gets to shred it and it will be available in store at a discounted price due to the cosmetic damage.

Don’t forget the rest of the Rip N Dip fall collection is available in store and online now while stock lasts.

In other news Rip N Dip’s latest road trip video was released on Thrasher and is just as awesome as expected. Check it out.

Seven Skates Complete Line Up

NEW BRAND: Seven Skates Complete Skateboards

We are delighted to now stock a range of Seven Skates complete skateboards. As far as completes go, these are one of the best. At a very affordable price with undeniable great quality, Seven Skates completes will kickstart beginners in to becoming a passionate skateboarder in no time. These are like none of the other price point completes available on the market right now.

Utilising the highest quality components while maintaining an achievable retail price point, Seven Skateboards has left no stone unturned to make the industry’s best entry level skateboards. Seven Skateboards believe that all skaters whether they be beginners or advanced should have access to great quality products no matter what price point they are in.

Seven Skateboards completes represent the best quality and workmanship in their price range. Designed by skaters who want every-one to have the best skating experience possible. Seven Skateboards has created a product consisting of 7 ply Canadian Rock Maple deck and the highest quality hardware accessories that are both price conscious and performance aware.

The deck is made by PS Stix who are world renown for their high quality wood and manufacturing meaning you’re getting a board that is built to last.

When it comes to buying a skateboard, it should be seen as an investment. The more you put in, the more you get out. Generally, spending more means that you’re going to get a higher quality skateboard which is going to last significantly longer before wearing out or breaking. Spending £60 on a complete skateboard compared to £30 for example means you’re getting a product that is built with superior materials and better construction which is designed to survive the knocks and bumps of skateboarding.

In our opinion, a Seven Skates Complete is the next best thing to buying a custom complete which will easily set you back over £100 . The quality on these completes is some of the best we’ve ever seen for the price and we couldn’t recommend them enough. These are a great starting point for getting into skateboarding as you’ll be able to upgrade and customise it whenever you see fit.

View our range of Seven Skates complete skateboards here. You won’t be disappointed.


Complete Skateboards Guide

Complete skateboards are ready to ride, pre-build skateboards which are perfect for beginners who want to start skating as soon as possible. When it comes to completes there is an endless selection, but it can always be tough decided which ones are actually good enough quality and worth buying.

You’re probably familiar with those £10 skateboards you might see at Tesco but those contraptions don’t even deserve to call themselves skateboards. They are made with very low quality wood, plastic trucks and even worse plastic wheels. From the view point of a skater, these are a complete waste of money. You should view a skateboard as an investment; you get what you pay for. As a general rule of thumb, the more you spend, the better quality skateboard you’ll receive (as you should expect).

At Aylesbury Skateboards we are always happy to encourage young people to start skating, especially if it means they’re not riding a scooter. We made sure to find the best possible beginner completes for the money to stock so you know they will hold up a hell of a lot better than many other completes out there.


Rocket Skateboards make the best price point complete skateboards. They retail at around £35 and are significantly better than many others at the same price point. These skateboards are perfect for younger beginners (aged 4-10) who want to try out skating for the first time. It should give them a good taste of what skating is like with a decent quality setup. They come with a range of great board graphics to choose from which all come with matching wheels. Bearings are often abec 5s but some come with abec 7s. The great thing about these boards is that they use all standard skateboard components so that they can be upgraded when needed.

Rocket Complete Skateboard Tiki Fire

Rocket Tiki Fire Complete – 7.5″

You can view Aylesbury Skateboards range of Rocket Completes here.

We also offer a selection of mid-to-upper-range completes for older or more advanced skaters. These are ideal for anyone who wants the quality of a professional level skateboard but not the hassle of selecting individual components and putting together a setup. They come pre-built and ready to skate straight out of the box with all-round higher quality materials. For example, at the moment we stock a few Cliché, Almost, Flip and Santa Cruz completes to name a few. These are all huge brandnames offering higher price point setups for the more discerning skater. These completes range from around £55-£85 depending on brand and size.

Cliché Complete Skateboard - 7.5"

Cliché Complete Skateboard – 7.5″

We have also started to create our own custom completes which are available in store or online. We offer the option to pick any deck from our range, and add a complete undercarriage kit to make it a whole board. We’ll even throw in some free Jessup grip, some bolts and assemble it in store to get you skating straight away. The undercarriage kit is £40 and the decks usually range from £40 – £55 meaning you can throw together a custom complete setup with the deck of your choice for as little as £80.

You can view a full range of completes on Aylesbury Skateboards, or come in store and pick one out in person.