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Penny Original Classic Cruiser Skateboards

Here at Aylesbury Skateboards we have increased our line of Penny Classic Cruisers in our store and online. We have a selection of the basic colours of the 22″ skateboards and also some funkier colour ways to choose from. We also now stock a variety of wheels and bolts so you can customise your new Penny board how you like! The boards range from £84.95 to £109.95, the wheels are £25.99 and the bolts are £6.95.

If you are not familiar with Penny boards then here’s the down low on them. They are the perfect board to get you from point A to B as they are made from durable vinyl plastic and come with some 59mm 78A super smooth wheels. The bearings used are the Penny Abec 7 Bearings to give you a smooth and fast ride. The trucks are the solid Penny 3″ Trucks that enable you to turn with complete ease and control. They are small and light so when the time comes to carry them you will not strain yourself. The boards have a non-slip waffle construction on the top of the deck so you can comfortably keep your stability while riding. These are the original and these are the best.



If there is anything Penny related you have seen online whether it be a different colour way of a complete, some wheels or a crazy coloured pair of trucks? Then let us know if you want it and we can try and order it in especially for you! We can even get in the 27″ Penny Nickel Cruiser Skateboards and the Penny Longboards, all you have to do is ask!

We are also going to be organising a wish-list scheme over the next months ready for Christmas where our customers can create a wish-list of skateboarding related presents for their relatives and friends to purchase. What we will do is either order a particular item in for you or allow you to put a product aside so a relative or friend can stop by and purchase it for you another time. We believe Penny boards and accessories would be the perfect presents for kids and teens this Christmas.

Shop for Penny boards here.


Rip N Dip Nermal Nug Cruiser Grip

RIP N DIP Nermal Nug Cruiser

In Rip N Dip’s latest drop there was the most beautiful cruiser deck we’ve ever seen shaped like Nermal hugging a nug. We couldn’t resist turning it into a complete cruiser just to see what it would look like. Heres what we used:


Unfortunately the graphic got slightly damaged in transit but that doesn’t make the board any less amazing. We’ve combined it with some of the best cruiser wheels and bearings to make up for that. This thing looks like some serious fun and we envy anyone who gets to shred it and it will be available in store at a discounted price due to the cosmetic damage.

Don’t forget the rest of the Rip N Dip fall collection is available in store and online now while stock lasts.

In other news Rip N Dip’s latest road trip video was released on Thrasher and is just as awesome as expected. Check it out.